Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My first cake pops...

Since I had some leftover cake from the tops I cut off the Valentine's Cake, I decided to try making some cake pops.  These seem to be the latest trend so why not?!  They really are quite simple to make.

First, you crumble up the cake using a fork or your hands (pictured above).

Next, you mix in some frosting until it's a nice gooey consistency and sticks all together (left picture).  I made my first batch of chocolate cream cheese frosting (yummm!!).

Then, you roll the mixture into balls and place it onto wax paper. 

Next, melt some chocolate and dip popsicle sticks into the melted chocolate.  Insert them into the cake balls and place the tray into the fridge or freezer (quicker) to cool.  Once they are cool, they are ready to be dipped into melted chocolate.  You can decorate however you wish...my boys wanted to use sprinkles.  WOW!!! Were they yummy!!!


  1. Yum Nicola!! they look delish! :)

  2. Thanks! They are super yummy!!

  3. LOVE IT!!!!<3 Nicolie