Monday, January 24, 2011

Karate Gi Cake

My son had recently started to do karate so we decided to choose something to reflect that.  I came across a karate gi cake online that I decided to try out.  This was my first attempt at a non-round fondant cake. 

This cake is a single layer 9x13 cake, which I carved small indents out of the side.  In order to make it a bit easier to lay down the fondant, I made two individual for the top half of the cake and the other for the bottom half.  I figured the belt was going to cover the seam anyway, so I might as well make it easier.

The belt is three strip going across, a strip for the ties and another for the knot.  For the edges of the gi, I cut three strips and made small indented lines with a knife.  I now have a rolling tool that makes these stripes...much easier! 

I was a little nervous about making the Yin Yang symbol, but it was much easier than I thought it would be.  I just used a cookie cutter to make a circle of each color and then I cut away what wasn't needed.  Then I just made a small indent to insert the opposite color in each half.  To make the bottom of the cake neater, I rolled out a black rope and just fit it around the cake. 

Of course, the cake itself was chocolate with chocolate frosting....what else!?


  1. how much fondant did you need for this cake?

  2. I believe it was just one batch that I had made.

  3. I am making exact cake for my son's black belt party this weekend!!.. Wish me luck..:))