Monday, January 24, 2011

Crown Cake

My friend asked me to help her with her daughter's birthday cake, so of course I couldn't resist.  It was especially nice to work along a friend and talk while doing all the busy work.  Plus, up until that point I had never had the chance to do a girlie cake.  It was a nice change!

My friend had bought a pretty birthday banner with a cake on it, which is how we came up with the idea for this cake.  The buttons weren't on the cake in the banner, but we decided to incorporate them into the actual cake. 

The crown on the cake is probably my favorite part.  I rolled out a flat piece of fondant and then cut it into a crown shape.  In order to get it the right shape, I rolled it around a cup and let it dry in that position.  I also added gumtex to make the fondant stiffer.  My friend added some edible glitter and the button to complete the look. 

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