Friday, July 18, 2014

Minecraft "Cake"

This year we spent my youngest son's 6th birthday visiting my brother in San Francisco.  It was the first time in many years I haven't done a cake for a birthday.  So, we decided to do a joint cake for him and his next oldest brother whose birthday is three weeks later.  This is the theme the two of them picked.

Because my youngest has a wheat and egg allergy, it always makes things a bit trickier trying to figure out what to make and what to make it from.  This time around I decided to keep it simple and just do Rice Krispie Treats instead of actual cake.  

I also wanted to include them this year in helping me design/make the cake.  I prepared all the RKT's and jello, cut them into cubes and had them decide how to arrange everything.  The picture below shows them busy at work, taking turns placing the cubes.

I think they did a great job cooperating and designing their cake.  It was nice to have them take part and they were very proud of their work.

I made all the figures out of fondant and they told me where to place them on the cake.  Here is the result...

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