Monday, January 24, 2011

Yankee Cake

My oldest son is a HUGE baseball fan and especially loves the Yankees.  We found the idea for this cake online and I instantly knew this was the one I wanted to do.

It was a departure from my usual fondant cakes, but still used a lot in the decorations.  The actual cake was frosted and topped using a grass tip. 

I made the hat, the ball and the NY symbols earlier in the week.  I didn't do the shirt until that morning since I didn't want it to dry out.

The hat was definitely my favorite part of this cake.  I had always admired these fondant baseball hats, but up until now have never attempted one.  It really wasn't too bad.  I made a dome shaped cocoa krispie treat and covered it in chocolate frosting.  I then layed the navy blue fondant (a mix of blue and black gel food color) over the dome.  I did the stripes with my awesome little rolling tool that has a wheel to make stitching.  For such a simple little tool, it really gives it such great detail.  The rim was a little tricky trying to get it to fit right, but it turned out just how I wanted it to. 

The NY symbols took a little bit of time.  Not because they were that hard, but because I had to make them small enough to fit.  The one on the shirt wasn't so bad, but the one on the hat was a little hard to work with.  Actually, I was a bit surprised how well they turned out. 

For the shirt, I made templates out of wax paper and used them to cut the shapes out of rolled fondant.  I then used my rolling tool to make a small groove in the fondant for the stripes.  Then, I cut very thin navy blue stripes and placed them into the grooves.  Next, I added the NY symbol. 

The ball was quite simple.  I just drew the stitching on with a red food coloring pen.  After it was all done, I decided to add buttons to the shirt.  I just felt it was missing something without them.  My husband thought I was nuts!  He's probably right....

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