Saturday, April 16, 2011

Poker Chip Cake

This is the cake that I used the Beer Buttercream Frosting on.  This cake is going to be an Anniversary surprise.  The four represents their 4 years together and the letters are their initials. 

This cake looks very simple, but was time consuming. 

I did get to use my new airbrush kit for the first time though.  That was fun!  Black is a horrible color to work into fondant, so I was very excited to get my airbrush in time to do this cake.  It only took about 5 minutes as opposed to a good 30 minutes trying to kneed the color into the fondant. 

After that was done, I allowed the color to dry on the cake (be VERY careful not to get drops of water on the color!...lesson learned!). 

Next, I cut out a circle of white to place in the center.  I cut out a template using wax paper to get the "stripes" all the same size.  Then, I added the small dashes around the circle.

I couldn't decide how to do the letters, which is where this cake started taking me more time.  I liked the white with the red, but in order to make it stand out, I placed some black underneath it.  That really made them "pop".  In order to get nice looking letters, I printed some up from Photoshop and then traced them onto wax paper.  I then place them on rolled out fondant and cut around the paper....not an easy task!

For the writing on the top/bottom, I was going to use my Wilton Food Writer.  Problem was, it wasn't working well and it ran out of color!  Ahhhh!!!  So.....I opted for making them out of fondant.  I really like the way they turned out, but it took me a LONG time! 

The final touch was the cake board...I covered it in green felt to look like a gambling table.  Hopefully, this cake will be a big hit tonight!!

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