Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Shoes

Here is my first baby shower cake!

This cake is a vanilla cake (8" and 10") with raspberry buttercream on the inside and vanilla on the outside.

I used a template to cut out the 3 main pieces of the shoe and then attached them all together.  For the laces, I used a clay extruder fitted with a small round hole.  It helped make the laces nice and even in size.  
This bow was actually my second bow.  I made a mistake with the first one by letting it dry near a window...sun is a no, no!  It bleaches the color right out of the fondant!  I guess you have to learn something new with each cake, right?!

I made the flowers before assembling the cake and let them dry on a curvy surface.  I used my ribbon cutter for the big stripes and cut the small brown stripes by hand.

I also made a small pacifier to sit on the top and decorated that with a small version of the flowers.  

In the end I think it turned out real cute!  Having 3 boys, it's always fun to make a girly cake once in a while!

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