Monday, March 14, 2011

My first wedding cake...

I never thought I would actually do a wedding cake...been kind of caught up in the birthday cake thing I guess.  My friend Brooke asked me to help out with her sister's cake, so of course how could I refuse?  A chance to try something new! 

The idea for this cake was nothing like how it turned out.  It was supposed to be just frosting with some decorative waves/lines on the sides and flowers on each level.
After a couple hours trying to achieve the right look, we made a group decision to go with fondant.  Brooke rushed off to the store before it closed and managed to get fondant ingredients just in time.  Brooke prepared the fondant while I covered the layers and in two hours time we had done both cakes and cleaned up the evidence (as documented by this picture). 

By this time, the frosting had gotten a little warm so it was difficult to get it perfectly shaped.  I had to put it in the fridge overnight and reshape in the morning.  I can't say this was my most perfect fondant as I did have some wrinkles around the back of the large tier and the tall cake.  I probably could have worked them out, but we decided not to spend more time on it (it was already 1am) since they were going to be covered with flowers.  In the end, Brooke and her family decided to wrap some pretty ribbon around the bases, pin them together with boutonniere pins and place the flowers on the tops only.  I really like how it turned out though....very clean and simple, but elegant at the same time.  I can now say I've done a wedding cake and add that to my resume.  I would love to take on some more cakes just like this and learn even more techniques/styles for wedding cakes.        
The tiered cake was made from Rice Krispie treats.  We used a small glass bowl in the top tier and formed the treat around the bowl.  It created a nice spot to place the flowers on the top.  Being that it was a Rice Krispie treat cake, it would have been hard to poke the flowers in otherwise.  The small cake, which was for the bride/groom is made out of vanilla cake with vanilla frosting.  The flowers were inserted right into the fondant to hold them in place.                                                       

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