Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Medieval Times

I know I always seem to say this, but this one was a lot of work!  I had planned it a bit different initially, but as I was assembling the pieces, it got changed a bit.  I'm happy with the final result though and actually think it turned out better this way.

The first thing I did after making the fondant (2 batches of grey fondant) is make the turrets (towers).  They were made from Rice Krispie treats and I used a tall glass as the form.  

 Then I baked and frosted the cakes (10" & 8" rounds).  I used the same glass that I made the turrets with to mark off small semi-circle areas on the bottom layer where I would be inserting them.  I then cut those out with a very sharp knife.  Once that was done I started adding fondant to the layers.  

Starting with the bottom layer, I measured out the 4 small areas around the sides where I would be placing the fondant.  After they were cut to size, I used a cobblestone impression mat to make the stone imprints onto the fondant.
I applied another layer of frosting as "glue" and placed the fondant onto the sides of the cake, being very careful not to make marks on the impressions.  Once the sides were done, I used wax paper to cut out a template for the top.  I followed the same method to place that onto the bottom layer.  

For the top tier, I actually did it a bit different.  I rolled fondant onto the cake and then used the impression mat on it afterwards.  By this time, the cake was getting a little warm and it didn't take the impressions quite as well.

Next time, I will try doing the impression first before applying.  I was just worried I would damage it as I was rolling it onto the cake.  

For the turrets, I measured a piece that would wrap around and cut that out.  I then frosted the towers and placed it down onto the middle of the piece of fondant.  Then I wrapped the two sides around the tower and joined the two edges together.  To make the impressions, I stood the tower up and gently rolled the impression mat around the towers.  A small circular piece was added to the top of each tower.
Next came the edging around the tops.  That was a bit tricky.  I added gumtex to the fondant and then cut out a long strip of fondant.  I then cut notches out of the strip.  I then added it to the towers and the top tier.  After that, I placed the towers onto the cake using frosting as glue to hold them in place.  I then added the remaining pieces in between the towers.  

Before adding all the finishing bits (windows, doors, flags, etc), I covered the base with wax paper and used my airbrush to lightly coat the grey with black to give it the appearance of stone.  I don't think I did so bad considering it was 1am at this point!

Lastly, I added the windows, the door (made with a wood grain impression mat) and placed the flags onto the top.  I also added some extra stones around the base and some grass to complete the look. 

Overall, this cake took about 15 hours to make. 

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