Saturday, July 7, 2012

Star Wars Clone Trooper

My 9 year old LOVES Star Wars and Lego so this year he decided on a Lego Star Wars Clone Trooper cake.

In order to make this cake, I baked two 9x13 chocolate cakes.  I made templates for the body parts and used them to help cut out the body parts from the cake.  This guy was big...about 2 feet tall.

The head is made from both cake and Rice Krispie Treats....the bottom layer being cake and the top layer being RKT.  It was the easiest way to mold the mask as needed.  The arms are just made from RKT.

All the design on the fondant was painted on with a paintbrush using airbrush food coloring.  It took A LOT of time!!

Always well worth it if you end up with a happy child on his birthday!


  1. Hi Nicola, Just love this cake! My Son is also a Lego Star Wars fan and has requested one for his birthday, yikes! Can I ask what is RKT and what is the rice krispie element? I've made various cakes over the years but this will be my most ambitious. Hope you don't mind me asking, hope you can help.


    1. Thanks! RKT is just Rice Krispie Treats. I form the shapes two different ways, depending upon what I need. I either do it while they are still warm and form it into the shape I need or I cut it into the shape after it's set. I usually do the first method though. (Sorry for the late response...I just saw this comment!)